Who doesn’t love a good daily deal website? Every time that we shop online or go into a store, it’s always a pleasant surprise when we find a coupon or discount code that allows us to enjoy a product or service for less. Traditional coupons have been around for years, but now, daily deal websites are becoming more and more popular to give discounts on the products and services we love most.

Eli Taieb, a successful serial entrepreneur and business advisor, has plenty of experience in the daily deal website world. But what exactly is a daily deal website, and how can it help you save on all the things you’re already buying? 

So What Is A Daily Deals Site?

A daily deal website is exactly what it sounds like: a website where you can find discounts on all kinds of products and services. Often, daily deal websites allow users to sign up for their newsletter, and every day, you’ll get an email in your inbox talking about the best deals for that day. One day, you might find a coupon code for your local hair salon, while the next day, you might be able to get some free popcorn at the movies.

One of the best parts about daily deal websites is that, most of the time, they are completely free to use! The only caveat for some smaller daily deal websites is that you often have to find a business that will recognize their coupons. The good news, though, is that most daily deal websites will provide coupons on things that you’re already going to buy, so you can save money without going out of your way.

Popular Daily Deal Sites

Arguably the most well-known daily deal website is Groupon. Groupon offers a wide range of categories that are specifically tailored to your location, so you can guarantee that your coupon will be accepted at your local business. You can get discounts on parking at the airport, rental cars, online subscriptions, massages, and more. Users can even search their website depending on the specific retail location, including popular brands like Amazon, Forever 21, eBay, Adidas, and more.

Another fascinating daily deal website is called 1Sale. This website got its name because, in its early days, it simply offered one sale a day period now, users can find all kinds of deals on everything from electronics to jewelry to workout equipment and everything in between. 1Sale is also unique because they have their very own shop, so users can get a discount on other goods or purchase directly from the website. 

Finally, you simply can’t talk about daily deal websites without mentioning Goodool. Eli Taieb and his wife Catherine founded this website in January 2012, and it has been a success ever since. Similar to Groupon, Goodool displays discounts in one’s city, sometimes offering up to 90% off of services! Although Catherine and Eli Taieb no longer own Goodool (They were able to sell it for a significant figure), this daily deal website remains one of the best on the Internet.

The next time that you need to save a little cash, consider checking out one of these daily deal websites!

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