Eli Taieb is one of those prestigious businessmen who have achieved great success in various businesses. Regardless of all the difficulties and hassles that serial entrepreneurship entails, Eli stayed filled with passion and ambition for his business ventures. Many entrepreneurs or business people want to but can’t invest their time and money as equally as Eli.

Nevertheless, he was a fine businessman who had the skills necessary to identify successful businesses when they hadn’t even come to fruition. One of the notable achievements under his belt was the establishment of Goodool.com.

Eli Taieb Co-Founded Goodool.com

Elicko Taieb isn’t an old-school investor. Rather, he has been an innovator in many industries with numerous achievements under his belt. Involving himself in several sectors at once shows how capable he is as a businessman. Additionally, he was operating businesses in several industries simultaneously. And none of those businesses failed or went under. 

Eli Taieb started Smoking Everywhere, which was an electronic cigarettes business. This business involved serious complications on the legal end due to FDA-incited complications. However, Eli found his way around. Another notable achievement was Goodool.com that Eli found during January of 2012. This was a daily deals aggregator business that listed thousands of companies from many different industries. 

Inception of Goodool.com

Working with his wife, Elicko Taieb introduced a better and more efficient daily deals aggregator website. Since both were enthusiastic about the idea, it soon came to fruition when Goodool.com launched successfully on the internet for US businesses. The idea wasn’t to earn from it. Rather it was to provide a competitive edge to the daily deals aggregating industry. They would help them by enlisting a website that features thousands of businesses from different sectors and various states.

The website primarily showed products and services along with endless discounts and favorable deals for consumers. Eli Taieb kept consumers in mind because he knew the potential in this small company that soon became a major competitor. The website listed deals and offers from businesses offering services including hospitality, dining, retail, etc.

Elicko Taieb – Initial Success

The website gained attention in a short time, which was instrumental to its success. Seeing the success and profit opportunity, an overseas investor approached Elicko Taieb and his wife. However, they were less interested in the website but the technology that powered it. Eli loved the idea of selling the backend technology that powered the website and gained satisfying returns for his decision.

When you talk about the initial success of Goodool.com, the website was nothing special. It was just a standard set of web pages powered with the help of efficient technology. Taking Eli’s marketing and brand creation efforts into consideration, you will see how they helped achieve the success that Goodool.com experienced.


Now you know what sets Elicko Taieb apart from others. Once you overview his serial entrepreneurial career, you will quickly realize that this businessman has an eye for detail. He observes and recognizes market trends, often before they even take place. Goodool.com was a remarkable achievement, but there were more. 

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