Elicko Taieb has a long list of achievements under his belt as one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs. It is worth mentioning that in the entire population of self-made entrepreneurs, only a fraction considers serial entrepreneurship. Moreover, very few become successful serial entrepreneurs as you need great focus, concentration, insight, and business prowess to work in various industries without overwhelming yourself. The job of a serial entrepreneur is to exploit business opportunities across a range of industries, and that is exactly what Eli Taieb did.

The Progress of Elicko Taieb

Many of Eli’s ventures include projects and profitable businesses in food, real estate, daily deals aggregator, CBD, pest control, electronic cigarettes, and several other industries. Eli Taieb has a passion for investing in profitable ventures that guarantee success according to modern business trends. However, he has also started many businesses from scratch. Through his observation and eye for detail, he has found the most exploitable market opportunities. Additionally, these market opportunities weren’t limited to a single industry; he started businesses in several industries.

His greatest accomplishments are in the real estate, food, CBD, pest control, and fitness industry. Elicko Taieb makes near-accurate predictions about possible business trends and market conditions. Hence, this helps him to invest in the right business ideas and projects at the right time. He possesses brand marketing, brand building, and several other marketing expertise. Hence, he plays a vital role in the startups that he invests his money in. Out of all the businesses he has built, one of the most popular ones is Goodool.com. It was an online daily deals aggregator company that listed business deals and discounts online.

Goodool.com Was Instrumental to Elicko Taieb’s Success

Since people in the US were spending more and finding ways to improve their lifestyles, there were growing consumer demands. Elicko Taieb decided to make a profit by fulfilling these demands. After realizing the true potential and opportunities in the daily deals aggregator industry, Eli established his online company Goodool.com. This website featured an extensive range of daily deals and discounts from businesses across many states. The website became official in January 2012 with the efforts of Eli and his wife.

Some of the discounts and daily deals offered price concessions up to nearly 90 percent. This was highly admirable for customers who bought goods and made transactions online. The range of businesses that listed their valuable deals for consumers were from different industries, including hotel services, dining, nightlife, food, hospitality, retail, and so on. Although the services were cheap and affordable, they were high-quality most of the time.

Was There a Reason for Eli to Sell the Startup?

Goodool.com was becoming a popular daily deals aggregator in its respective industry. This attracted a list of potential investors and customers to the website. However, the real profit that Elicko generated from this venture wasn’t from the sale of the website itself but rather the technology that powered it. An overseas investor approached Eli Taieb and his wife with the offer to buy Goodool.com and its technology. Seeing that the deal was an amazing opportunity to generate a valuable profit, Eli quickly agreed to the deal and sold the technology.


Eli has operated in businesses that relate to industries like CBD, fitness, food, real estate, pest control services, and more. However, it is worth mentioning that Eli initially began his career as an entrepreneur by investing in several food shops and restaurants.

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