Elicko Taieb never failed to amaze the business world with his massive entrepreneurial skillset. He was ever-ready to exploit the best investment opportunities and find his way around the most difficult venture situations. He found many business opportunities and made investments to amass a sizeable fortune for himself. Luckily, one of his main successes came from the daily deals aggregator industry, where he stood as a top-tier businessman.

He and his wife came up with the idea to introduce a daily deals aggregator company that offered regional and specific area-wise discounts to users in the US. The two of them brainstormed the idea and put it to action, with initial investment partly coming from Elicko Taieb and his wife.

A Brief Overview – Elicko Taieb Introduced Goodool.com

The idea about Goodool.com was implemented in the industry in January 2012. While it’s been over a decade, Goodool.com is still remembered in the daily deals aggregation industry as one of the best platforms for gaining discounts. Elicko Taieb found out that his idea was an amazing one for entertaining people and keeping them attracted to online shopping and purchases. In terms of concept, Goodool.com was similar to other top daily deals aggregator platforms, but it operated on a far more advanced technology, which we will come to later in this post.

Eli Taieb wanted the platform to share as many deals and discounts as possible. From one major city to another, the daily deals and discount opportunities on the website kept increasing day by day. It made the lives of e-commerce shoppers and buyers easier. In fact, some of the deals on Goodool.com offer over 90% discounts to customers within the specified regions and states. For your information, deals, discounts, and coupons on the website weren’t just from a single type of industry.

The website included purchase opportunities from industries like hospitality, retail, dining, nightlife, groceries, and a lot more. The overall aim of introducing the platform in the industry was to help consumers enjoy a convenient purchasing journey for their favorite goods and services.

Early Success of Goodool.com

In a short time, Goodool.com attracted a sea of customers from different cities. The website was slowly becoming a popular platform and a high-grossing competitor in the industry, securing a sizeable customer base. Although the revenue generated through Goodool.com was marginally low, it was still considered sizeable considering the size of the industry. The first sign of success came when the number of users on the platform kept increasing rapidly. This made the company even more competitive.

It wasn’t until an overseas investor sought the technology that powered Goodool.com. The investor was highly interested in cutting a deal for the technology behind the company. So after consulting his wife (who was also the co-founder at the moment), Eli Taieb sat down with the overseas investor. The investor offered a reasonable price for Goodool.com. With the help of his negotiation skills, Elicko Taieb secured a sizeable profit from the deal and sold the technology to the investor. 


Elicko Taieb has been involved in various industries, including vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, pest control, real estate, home inspection, CBD, and whatnot. He has an immaculate level of experience and prowess to operate as an influential businessman across different levels of the industry. Today, he stands as a well-known public speaker, seed investor, and serial entrepreneur.

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