Elicko Taieb is an esteemed and successful entrepreneur who has turned his passion for business into sizeable profits. Serial entrepreneurship is the strong suit of Eli, which means starting a business and then seeing it to success is his most notable accomplishment. Moreover, you should know that he is an optimistic and booming serial entrepreneur with achievements in many industries, including food, real estate, daily deals aggregator, and more.


About Elicko Taieb

Elicko Taieb is one of the best serial entrepreneurs and has helped many businesses take a leading position. The level of accomplishments that he holds is impeccable and reflects his excellent passion for success. E-cigarettes and fitness industry businesses are also among the profitable ventures of his career. One thing that enables him to seek such massive success in different industries is his keen observation.

He doesn’t operate from a distance but keeps a close eye on all the industries when he plans to start a venture. A major trait of his business mindset is that he has the ability to use his best knowledge in predicting which business venture has the potential for massive success. Hence, he delivers optimized business support through his skills, experience, and expertise. While he founded one of the first electronic cigarettes companies in the US, one of his great accomplishments remains Goodool.com, a daily deals aggregator business.

What was Goodool.com?

The daily deals aggregator industry has been thriving due to increased consumer spending and a rise in economic activity across the states. Goodool.com was a website that listed the major and minor daily deals offered by businesses in many different states. The website was the brainchild of Eli Taieb and his wife, which came to fruition in January 2012.

Showing daily deals for every specific city, the discounts available on the website were often up to 90%. The daily deals were from different businesses offering various services/products, such as dining, nightlife, retail, hospitality, hotel services, and more. The idea was to deliver maximum benefit to consumers through their purchases. It offered them instant discounts and affordable yet premium quality services and products online.

Why did He Sell the Startup?

Goodool.com soon became a prominent website in the daily deals aggregator market. Eli Taieb was always at the forefront to deliver maximum support, and his dedication was the reason for the instant success of Goodool.com. While the business was running smoothly, an overseas investor showed interest in acquiring the technology behind Goodool.com.

As an experienced serial entrepreneur, Elicko Taieb saw the potential for profit and made the sale accordingly. Thus, Goodool.com helped him earn large profits that he generated through the deal. Not to mention, it remains among his notable achievements.


Eli Taieb has remained involved in many industries since then. He offered his business prowess, expertise, and knowledge across industries, including food, CBD, e-cigs, and more. He is a public speaker, serial entrepreneur, and business/branding expert, and advisor.

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