is one of the many other business ventures by Elicko Taieb. Elicko Taieb, well-known serial entrepreneur and business advisor who assisted in bringing various business ideas to life. From pest control and fitness to e-cigarettes and more, Taieb is a business-minded creative, and his determination pushes him to lend that spark in starting up even more business ventures. is an impressive business venture that Elicko and Catherine Taieb started together. This platform allows users to list different daily deals for free, similar to Groupon. This service also encouraged businesses to offer different discounts along with various other advantages. If you want to learn more about and how Elicko and Catherine Taieb operated it, read further below.

What is

Elicko Taieb and Catherine Taieb founded in January 2012. It’s been eight years now since this deal listing platform has made many people’s life easier and more entertaining. Besides giving users the opportunity to list down different deals for free, the founders of wanted to aggregate regular deals in different cities or a specific one. This would then turn into a 90% discount on various services and a brilliant way to attract customers in different cities to make use of this platform.

The deals of feature a variety of services and products such as dining, retail, hotels, services, hospitality, nightlife, and deals in many more. If you look closely into this platform and start using it, you will automatically understand the purpose behind the creation of this platform. Elicko is strongly dedicated to creating and providing affordable and convenient services around the world, and that is what he was able to achieve.


How The Success of Started?

After successfully managed to attract people from around the world to use its platform, it finally entered the competitive field of different daily deal aggregators. This was the first sign of success for and Elicko himself, as he loved when things got competitive. During that time, an overseas investor came across Taieb and wanted to purchase

Elicko considered the investment deal and sold the technology behind for an impressive figure. This investment deal helped Elicko make a decent profit compared to the initial investment he put in to start up the company. The success of continues to grow as users rely on it to access amazing daily deals. This platform pushed Elicko to take things to the next level with various other business ventures.

These ventures were conducted both nationwide and internationally, depending on the type of service offered. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible for someone to run multiple ventures, all of which pertain to different industries. Well, Elicko Taieb is a serial entrepreneur, and since 1990, he’s known as the mastermind of serial entrepreneurship. Besides, some of the other business ventures that Elicko is successfully running are Applete, Stingers Pest Control, and Vaporin. Elicko Taieb’s experience and personality combined make him a professional and successful branding expert, advisor, and much more.


Looking at the success of the platform, it’s hard to ignore trying out the amazing services provided with the amazing discounted daily deals that definitely make affordability a number one factor in your life. Don’t forget to go on and check out the convenient services it offers, all thanks to the genius of business mastermind Elicko Taieb.

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