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Did you know that around 10 percent of the entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs? In fact, among those 10 percent of the serial entrepreneurs, only a fraction succeeds in operating multiple businesses in different industries and Eli Taieb is one of them. Moreover, only a few are able to excel and build well-known companies.

But what helps them become so successful? Is it only their luck? Well, brand awareness plays an important role in how people perceive a company and its products. Besides, how the entrepreneurs learn and overcome the hurdles also impact a brand’s position in the highly competitive markets of today.

About Elicko Taieb – The Founder of Goodool.com

Elicko Taieb, who is a serial entrepreneur with an impeccable entrepreneurial and industrial record, knew the trick. Involved in a number of businesses across various industries, he is always on the lookout for new business opportunities and knows which ventures will become successful. Let’s take a closer look at how he was able to turn his idea of “Goodool.com” into reality.

He is a well-established and renowned business advisor offering his entrepreneurial expertise for years. With the ability to predict industry trends, adapting to the changes, and providing satisfactory services, he is expanding his businesses, turning them into multi-million ventures.

Elicko Taieb’s idea of business and entrepreneurship is simple and straightforward – he pays attention to details. He has built companies and businesses in various industries, such as fitness, pest control, real estate, food services, CBD, and whatnot. In fact, Eli is also the founder of one of the US’s first E-Cigarette companies, Smoking Everywhere.

However, to date, Goodool.com stands as one of his most successful business ventures with massive potential for future growth.

What is Goodool.com?

Goodool.com was the brainchild of Catherine Taieb and Elicko Taieb. They created this website in 2012 with an idea similar to Groupon that allows users to list daily deals without any charges. It is the simple concept of enabling the customers to get in contact with the respective companies that are delivering optimal to premium services and products.

However, the website offers coupons, discounts, and further promotions to raise brand awareness and help the customers enjoy premium services at low prices. Goodool.com shows its users the latest and most popular daily deals that various businesses offer. You may get up to 90 percent discounts for numerous services.

Goodool.com features deals from a large number of businesses in various industries, including dining, hotels, retail, nightlife, hospitality services, etc. It was Eli Taieb’s sharp observation for detail, along with the passion for delivering optimal, affordable, and convenient services to clients worldwide that made this venture a huge success.

Startup Success of Goodool.com


Goodool.com gained popularity within no time and grabbed the attention of clients worldwide. It quickly made it to the list of competitive daily deals aggregators. An overseas investor showed interest in buying the platform considering the scope and market response. Eli Taieb made the right choice and sold the technology for his platform to make a huge profit and cover the initial business costs.


Eli Taieb has been involved in many different businesses as a serial entrepreneur since the 1990s. His notable business ventures include Diamond CBD, Stingers Pest Control, Vaporin, and Appelete.

He is not just a serial entrepreneur but a prominent public speaker, branding expert, and business advisor.

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