There are many serial entrepreneurs globally, but only a few get success in all of their ventures. Serial entrepreneurship isn’t as easy as it may seem, and you may have to cross many hurdles. However, these hurdles were not a problem for Elicko Taieb, as he had the skills and expertise to focus on the main tasks.

He started various businesses in multiple industries, including CBD, food, real estate, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and more. Hence, Eli has gained an experience of more than twenty years as a serial entrepreneur. Moreover, he was able to establish an online business that featured a daily deals aggregator website. Here’s more on and how Eli Taieb made it successful.

More on Elicko Taieb

Elicko is a renowned businessman in various fields. He has achieved success in industries such as fitness, CBD, electronic cigarettes, and more. In addition to that, he has experience of over two decades. Eli’s business prowess and mindset helped him leave a mark on different industries.

Elicko Taieb is a shrewd observer and pays attention to details. Eli formulated the most viable and profitable business strategies for every industry by noticing the different market ventures and how they succeed or fail.


In addition to his achievements in the electronic cigarettes market (founding Smoking Everywhere, which was America’s one of the first few e-cig companies), there are multiple other business accomplishments. Eli made an impressive business venture in the daily deals aggregators market with

Establishment of was the brainchild of Catherine and Eli Taieb. The couple found the website business in the January of 2012. It had a similar concept to other daily deals aggregator websites that listed daily deals of many different companies online. was promoting business deals in a specific city with discounts of up to 90%.


It slowly gained the hype since the featured deals were not specific to a single service but an endless variety. Some common daily deals were from nightlife, retail, dining, services, hospitality, and hotel businesses. The main focus of Elicko Taieb was to provide the public with the most profitable business deals and services. It was the major contributor to the success of in its early phases.

Eli wanted them to enjoy discounted and affordable yet premium-level services as soon as they hit the market. Therefore, was an instant success for Eli Taieb.

Where Did Eli’s Success Begin?

Eli was a serial entrepreneur from the very start. Not many people invest their time, money, and energy in multiple industries simultaneously, but Eli did. An overseas investor well-valued Eli’s efforts and the use of the latest technology used to make successful.

By selling, Eli earned sizeable profits that were just the right compensation for his efforts and technology used to develop This was the mark of a competitive stature for Eli in the daily deals aggregator market.


Elicko Taieb has rarely let any business opportunity pass by. In fact, he has stayed competitive since the start of his entrepreneurial career. Diamond CBD, Appelete, Stingers Pest Control, Vaporin, and Smoking Everywhere are some of the most notable achievements under his belt.

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